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Security and surveillance solutions for rail

Detect, assess, respond and collaborate to prevent and contain future incidents with Hexagon’s Security & Surveillance portfolio for rail

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Security & Surveillance portfolio

With passenger and freight traffic expected to double by 2050, safety and security expectations for rail organizations are higher than ever. Proven in rail implementations around the globe, Hexagon’s Security & Surveillance portfolio can help you detect, assess, respond and collaborate with your incident data and provide safe passage for the lives and property entrusted in your care.

How it works

Harness the power of Hexagon’s portfolio of technologies for your complete rail security solution


Install a 3D surveillance system that autonomously detects and reports physical changes in a space


View and assess data from cameras, alarms, sensors, IoT and more to provide real-time situational awareness



Provide the highest quality dispatching and incident management capabilities for your emergency response personnel


Engage stakeholders with a SaaS collaboration workspace where your organization can easily share and act on data in a secure environment

Tying everything together in the background, Xalt | Integration provides plug-in IoT, sensor and enterprise integration for a single intuitive interface.

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