Infrastructure & Asset Management

End-to-end solutions for rail infrastructure

Break down operational silos and optimize the lifecycle of your rail assets with digital transformation

Discover tools to modernize your rail network operations and asset management

Hexagon’s solutions for digital transformation of rail infrastructure. Modernize your railway safety, security and infrastructure management.

How it works

Unleash the power of data with a unique set of sensor and software solutions

Capture reality

Capture and measure the track environment without costly on-site resources with our high-precision imaging, laser and radar sensors.

Visualize infrastructure

Combine network, asset, spatial, sensor and other data from multiple systems into one common operating picture.

Manage assets​

Provide powerful and flexible asset management tools in a convenient, template-driven format tailored for specific needs.

Share data

Engage stakeholders with a SaaS collaboration workspace where your organization can easily share and act on data in a secure environment.

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